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Alex Grecian

The Wolf

The Wolf


'Breathless, gripping, up-all-night reading' Nora Roberts

A mysterious newcomer arrives on a freezing highway with information that one of the most deadly World War Two criminals is hiding in plain sight, with a new life every bit as sinister as his terrible past . . .

When State Trooper Skottie Foster moves back home to rural Kansas, she's hoping for a new start. But then a chance encounter on a snowy highway changes everything.

Travis Roan is a Nazi hunter, and he needs her help. Roan suspects this isolated region is home to infamous World War Two villain Rudolph Bormann.

As they encounter immediate resistance from the deeply suspicious community, it soon becomes clear that Bormann's new life in America is every bit as sinister as his awful past.

But neither Roan nor Foster imagines how dangerous - and how personal - their task will become...

'The perfect storm of a story: a can't-put-it-down-until-I find-out-what-happens-next thriller' Lorenzo Carcaterra, New York Times bestselling author of Sleepers

** Published in the USA as Saint of Wolves and Butchers **

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