• "'A travelogue of science, with a witty, engaging, and well-informed guide who loves his patch and is desperate to share its delights with us'"

    Peter Atkins, The Times
  • "'A thoroughly enjoyable, as well as educational, experience. Nobody who reads it will ever look at the world around them in the same way again'"

    William Hartston, Daily Express
  • "'Brims with strange and amazing facts...destined to become a modern classic of science writing'"

    Ed Regis, New York Times Book Review
  • "'It deserves to sell as many copies as there are protons in the full stop that ends this review (at least 500,000,000,000).'"

    Craig Brown, Mail on Sunday
  • "'The very book I have been looking for most of my life...Trunkloads of information, amazing stories and extraordinary personalities'"

    Christopher Matthew, Daily Mail