• "Triumphant, compelling and deeply moving…the finest fictional treatment of Ancient Rome in the English language. They are distinguished by the mastery of the sources, sympathetic imagination, political intelligence and narrative skill…It’s a wonderful, dramatic, story, wonderfully told"

    Scotsman, Allan Massie
  • "Robert Harris’s Cicero trilogy ends in grand style…the culmination of 12 years work and a remarkable literary achievement"

  • "The book works…more than that; at times it sings… Thrillers are supposed to thrill, but few really do raise your heart rate and short-circuit your critical faculties…Exhilarating…This trilogy deserves the highest compliment that can be paid to a work of historical fiction"

    The Times
  • "Robert Harris completes his wonderful trilogy based on the life of Cicero. I haven’t enjoyed Roman history more since Robert Graves’s I, Claudius"

    Anthony Horowitz, Guardian, Book of the Year
  • "Harris’s fascination with politics galvanises his impressive knowledgeableness into compulsive fiction"

    Peter Kemp, The Sunday Times, Books of the Year
  • "Harris is brilliant at the political then-as-now, giving Caesar with a hint of Blair – and also of Thatcher"

    Peter Stothard, Spectator
  • "Staying close to the sources, Harris picks his way masterfully through Cicero’s personal and political dilemmas…superb…does full justice to one of Rome’s most interesting complex and humane statesmen, whose pragmatic political treatises proved so influential during the renaissance and enlightenment"

    Evening Standard
  • "Harris skilfully navigates these fraught years in Cicero’s life … Dictator triumphs"

    The New Stateman
  • "A superior historical thriller"

    Fiona Wilson, The Times, Books of the Year
  • "Harris’ version of Cicero is a tremendous creation"