• "...A deliciously funny yet practical diet book....Covers all the bases from how to pick out a wedding dress to suit a bride's figure to how to calculate a healthy weight for her height."

    USA Today
  • "...This book is full of sane advice from a humorous and humane registered dietitian and a co-author with an upbeat, motivational attitude. The anecdotes are all up-to-the-minute - even Sophie Rhys-Jones prenuptial regimen is included (it involved seaweed wraps) - and the authors offer tips that extend beyond crash diets. To wit: how to choose a dress that minimizes figure flaws; how to pose for photos; how to set up a 'slim kitchen'."

    New York Daily News
  • "The[ir] book is no magic bullet--the weight loss plans inside advocate a balanced diet and exercise. But the book also includes helpful tips on managing wedding-related stress, handling potentially disastrous pre-wedding eating events and finding the right wedding dress for your figure."

    LA Times

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