• If Raymond Chandler had lived long enough to see Blade Runner, he might have written something like Dance Dance Dance

  • An entertaining mix of modern sci-fi, nail-biting suspense and ancient myth...a sometimes funny, sometimes sinister mystery spoof, but like all good postmodern fiction, it also aims at contemporary human concerns, philosophical as well as literary

    Chicago Tribune
  • An entertaining adventure that takes us to the frozen north of Japan, to Hawaii and to the dark, damp corners of the imagination... Reading Dance Dance Dance is a bit like being taken blindfold on a joy-ride

  • Mr Murakami writes metaphysical Far Easterns with a Western beat...there are echoes of Raymond Chandler, John Irving and Raymond Carver, but Mr. Murakami's mysterious plots and original characters are very much his own creation

    New York Times
  • Brilliantly combines elements of the surreal, film noir and existentialist enquiry

    Sunday Times

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