• "A comprensive sea map which should be test-driven by the flotillas of fish-cooking-phobics I encounter regularly. The step-by-step photographs are startlingly clear about the process, from skinning an eel to preparing and filleting."

    Tamsin Day-Lewis, Daily Telegraph
  • "Could be subtitled "Everything You Wanted to Know About Seafood but Were Afraid to Ask"... this book reveals Stein's hidden depths: he really does know a hell of a lot about fish."

    Time Out
  • "His repertoire of recipe books, restaurants and television programmes - not to mention an inexhaustible knowledge and infectious passion for the subject - have all helped him bring fish to the culinary forefront in the UK."

    Daily Express
  • "For me he is the nonpareil telly chef because he always makes me drool like a slobberhound... Stein is like a plateful of smoked haddock, poached egg and mashed potatoes, a combination that it both unbeatably satisfying and fun."

    Kathryn Flett, Observer Food Monthly