• "One of our best living writers on religion...prodigiously sourced, passionately written"

    Financial Times
  • "A journey through religion that helps us to rescue what remains wise from so much that to many in Britain today no longer seems true... Armstrong is one of the the handful of wise and supremely intelligent commentators on religion"

    Alain de Botton, Observer
  • "A tour de force of learning. A hefty history of theology, philosophy and science, and how they converge, it knocks Dawkins and Hitchens into an intellectual cocked hat...Armstrong rejoices in the unknowableness of life and searches, logically enough for meaning therein"

    Sunday Herald
  • "It isn't an easy read - why should it be? - but she is wonderfully clear and insightful - and not out to convert anyone"

    Daily Mail
  • "Dense and brilliant, chastening and consoling. Whether or not it sells as well as the latest Hitchens or Dawkins will be a measure of us, not the book"

    Sunday Times