• "The Right Stuff of our times"

    Daily Mail
  • "Beautifully researched and written, Into the Black tells the true, complete story of the Space Shuttle better than it’s ever been told before."

    Colonel Chris Hadfield, former Astronaut and Space Station Commander
  • "Brilliantly revealed, Into the Black is the finely tuned true story of the first flight of the Space Shuttle Columbia. Rowland White has magnificently laid bare the unknown dangers and unseen hazards of that first mission … Once read, not forgotten."

    Clive Cussler
  • "A drama of flight and raw human courage, with the lustre of myth. Into the Black is a brilliant concept, brilliantly executed. You'll feel like you made the flight yourself. Strap in."

    Stephen Baxter, author of Voyage and Titan
  • "Into the Black told me stuff I never knew before – and I worked at NASA for 30 years … a deep and enthralling read."

    Mike Foale, former Astronaut and International Space Station Commander