• "Delightful, soothing and informative "

    Daily Mail
  • "An enchanting book, Wild Hares and Hummingbirds is a combination of celebration for what is and regret for what is passing. It is elegiac"

    Daily Express
  • "An enchanting month-by-month guide to "the natural history of an English village". As richly evocative of January as of June, Moss captures the flora and the fauna of his Somerset home with a grace and charm to warm the coldest winter night"

  • "[A] charmingly produced book…readers are in the hands of an expert"

    Steven Barfiel, The Lady
  • "This engaging account…should spark interest in country-dwellers and provide a transporting read for townies. In his placid style, Moss is profoundly informative"

    Christopher Hirst, Independent