• "For Christmas I would like Mrs Webers’ Omnibus please."

    Nicholas Lezard, Guardian
  • "Easily the most charming thing in the Guardian ever."

    Roland White, Sunday Times
  • "A satisfyingly fat collection of her old Guardian strips that will make you laugh out loud."

    Rachel Cooke, Observer
  • "Posy Simmonds's Mrs Weber's Omnibus...collects her Guardian strips of the 70s and 80s about a scruffy, well-meaning Guardian-reading family and their friends... Her cosy in-jokes about middle-class silliness and her sharp political fury over sexual inequality and the divide between rich and poor remain remarkably undated."

    Justine Jordan, Guardian
  • "Her dry humour and sharp line are combined with merciless observation on the foibles of the middle-classes…a comic genius who has stood the test of time."