• "Compulsively enjoyable"

  • "A tense phoney-war thriller, as evocative in its period representations as it is compelling in its denouement"

    Mail on Sunday
  • "With its meticulous period detail and its dissection of the English class system at work, this new novel from the author of the highly accomplished Derby Day proves that good historical fiction does not have to take place in a past that actually happened"

    Nick Rennison, Sunday Times
  • "It is much harder to show historical change occurring through incremental creep rather than sudden swerves of direction. That DJ Taylor’s novel achieves this so well makes in an unusually smart and subtle addition to the genre… Gripping entertainment"

    Robert Douglas-Fairhurst, Daily Telegraph
  • "A splendid “what if” thriller… Terrific"

    Daily Mail
  • "This galloping, might-have-been thriller… Taylor cleverly uses genuine historical details to make the nightmare horribly convincing"

    Kate Saunders, Saga
  • "A highly successful literary thriller with one eye on a shocking chapter in the nation’s genuine history and another on the potential for authorial invention"

    Christian House, Independent on Sunday
  • "Offers a chilling alternative view of the direction the Second World War might have taken had the man who later became the Duke of Windsor…remained on the British throne"

    Mark Nicholls, UK Regional Press
  • "A crafty and pitch-perfect novel of Nazi sympathizers and secret agents in wartime London"

  • "It is Taylor’s achievement to have written a tense, page-turning thriller, enriched by acute social observation, within which unfolds a subtle meditation upon where the quest for peace ends and the path to treason begins"

    Graham Stewart, The Times