• "Inspired...It does what any good literary subversion should do: deepens and enhances one's appreciation of the original."

    James Lasdun, Guardian
  • "Jacobson’s writing is virtuoso. He is the master of shifting tones, from the satirical to the serious. His prose has the sort of elastic precision you only get from a writer who is truly in command … There's also deep and sincere soul-searching going on here"

    Lucasta Miller, Independent
  • "A brilliant conceit… A powerful reimagining and reinvention of Shakespeare’s character."

    Adam Lively, The Sunday Times
  • "Howard Jacobson’s reworking of The Merchant of Venice is a sly success… Irascible, eloquent Shylock is a man transplanted from the play to today."

    Tim Martin, Daily Telegraph
  • "Shylock is My Name has much to tell us about loss, identity and modern antisemitism ... Simon's debates with Shylock, snapshots of a man haranguing his literary Creator, are the heart of this book, knowing and humane"

    Kate Maltby, The Times