• "With just the lightest touch of the fantastical, the quiet tone and language combine with the broad-brushed, sun-washed illustrations to create a dreamy, magical essence to this story of personal discovery."

  • "A magic-tinged story about finding unexpected connections... The muted palette, smudgy line work, and somewhat unexplained nature of Nara’s situation add up to a haunting, slightly surreal story that speaks to the rewards of both independence and companionship."

    Publishers Weekly
  • "Ungureanu's illustrations are... reminiscent of Maurice Sendak's work, adding to the book's overall nostalgic and somewhat otherworldly feel."

  • "A heartening story about exploration, bravery, and making new friends."

  • "A wonderful story all about longing for adventure and friendship"

    Early Years Educator

Strictly Necessary


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