• "Full of well-I-never insights... A lively, intelligent and persuasive history of speech...Expertly and patiently explained"

    Laura Freeman, The Times
  • "Fascinating... Illuminating… The book draws on the latest scientific research and is studded with arresting statistics... [Cox] wears his learning lightly... A rewarding read... Cox knows how to make his subject sing. And the narrative is enlivened by colourful anecdotes."

    Sebastian Shakespeare, Daily Mail
  • "[T]his is a continually interesting and instructive account of our conversational abilities, and a much needed exposé of our remarkable incapacity to infer anything from each other’s talk."

    Harry Ritchie, The Spectator
  • "[A] fascinating examination of how the nature of voices invoke prejudice and preconceptions"

    Adrian Woolfson, New Statesman
  • "A brain-pleasing and entertaining read. Cox’s passion for his subject comes through on every page. An entertaining read for anybody."

    Abi Jackson, UK Press Syndication

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