• "[Giles’s] genius was capturing the views of ordinary folk . . . Wonderful cartoons."

    Nick Robinson, Radio 4 Today
  • "[The] secrets of much-loved wartime cartoonist Giles [are] revealed in a new book . . . The cartoons that had kept the Reynold’s News readers laughing, including many of heroic Russians such as an amiable Joseph Stalin propping up a bar, or a doughty little peasant woman bringing in a clump of roped-up captured German soldiers – have been collected for the first time in Giles’s War."

  • "The cartoons offer a vivid portrayal of the war, of Giles’s formative years and of a brief chapter in the history of co-operative journalism, when it boasted a future icon among its ranks."

    Co-operative News
  • "A new book of WWII cartoons by Giles shows why his humour was so popular at the time . . . Giles’s efforts can still surprise and even raise a smile."

    Morning Star
  • "This treasurable collection includes more than 100 cartoons that have not been seen for 75 years."