• "The book’s biggest selling point is the guarantee of political authenticity… the kite-mark of unmatchable psychological veracity… The eventual revelation of the villain, which is satisfying and surprising, really does feel like the outcome of a conversation between one writer with an unusual skill at thriller plotting and another with an exceptional grasp of global politics. The literary running mates have earned a second term."

    The Guardian
  • "An entertaining romp… thoroughly enjoyable… it works. It is a quick, slick, gripping read"

    The Times
  • "Page-turning… In a plot crammed with twists, readers are granted thriller writing that delivers… Nobody will walk away from The President Is Missing feeling disappointed if they are looking for a vigorous, fast-moving thriller that takes the reader into the corridors of power"

    i newspaper
  • "A brilliant, tricksy first chapter… unmistakably shows that their partnership worksThe President Is Missing enthrallingly interweaves a cyber-thriller, a Homeland-style battle against jihadi terrorism and a find-the-mole hunt à la Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy – and it has aspects of a Cold War geopolitical thriller, too… To paraphrase Katherine Hepburn on Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, Bill gives James class and James gives Bill sexed-up plotting"

    Sunday Times
  • "The plotting is immaculate… the writing is taut"

    Sunday Times
  • "A high-octane collaboration... the addictive qualities are undeniable"

    Daily Telegraph
  • "A showstopper… if you like thrillers and you like American politics, you’re going to love this book... You feel the authenticity of the two writers writing hand in glove... It’s a cracker"

  • "Fast-paced and well-engineered… Clinton’s input is well deployed on the White House insider scenes, and… Patterson can tell a story"

    Financial Times
  • "The political thriller of the year"

    The Sun

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