• "It’s beautiful. It’s giving me rich, grand nightmares."

  • "<i>Florida</i> feels innovative and terribly relevant. Any one of its stories is a bracing read; together they form a masterpiece."

  • "This is what she shows in story after story: a heroic pushback against the way we live now, against waste, against the artificial environments in which we find ourselves maintained by corporations, but equally against the pressures on women to be flawless, effortlessly excellent mothers, wives, sisters, lovers, friends, within this dire state of affairs … Groff’s <b>lyrical and oblique stories</b> catch these women in the midst of becoming aware of their complicity in perpetuating these narratives – to which their response is to walk, flee, or conversely refuse to budge, as in the <b>dazzlingly apocalyptic</b> ‘Eyewall’ … The hot, humid Floridian atmosphere hangs over all the stories … Every woman, every snake, is fighting back against the laws of nature, and the human-made Eden that threatens to imprison, or end, them all."