• "A delight from start to finish."

    Max Davidson, Mail on Sunday
  • "A refreshingly positive take on middle age, it’s optimistic, warm-hearted, blokishly moving and written with a master’s pin-sharp command of humoura book that’s sure to be picked up and revisited time and time again."

    Herald Scotland
  • "More than comedy or insight, this work has tenderness… It does more than tickle our bellies, it warms our hearts."

    Niamh Donnelly, Irish Times
  • "Brilliantly funny. Heart-warmingly, vulnerably hilarious in fact. Doyle has crafted Charlie Savage with great care and has imbued him with such depth of character that I can’t imagine a reader finishing the book without loving him, just a little… savour every page because Charlie Savage will enrich your life as long as he is in it."

    Ceire Duggan, RTE Guide
  • "This portrait of an ordinary man (and one clearly past his best) is by turns hilarious and heartfelt."

    Rachel Lloyd, Economist, 1843