The Atlantis Code

The Atlantis Code


Discover the action-packed adventure thriller, perfect for fans of The Da Vinci Code, Indiana Jones and C. J. Sansom

Hidden away in a dusty antiquities shop in Egypt, an ancient artefact is discovered.

Quickly, it becomes the centre of the deadliest archaeological hunt in history . . .


The 20,000 year-old relic is inscribed with what appears to be the long lost language of Atlantis.

Only one man is able to decode its meaning: the world's foremost linguist, Dr Thomas Lourdes. But can he stay alive long enough?

Meanwhile, an earthquake shocks Spain, uncovering a most unexpected site - one which the Vatican rushes to be the first to explore.

Could it be that the lost city of Atlantis is ready to be found?

And if so, is the world ready for her secrets?


'Brokaw's hero is Indiana Jones without the whip. Who knew archaeology could be so exciting? Wonderful entertainment'
Stephen Coonts, bestselling author of The Traitor

'Will take you to a new level of mystery, wonder, adventure and excitement'
Deepak Chopra

'A rollicking adventure, with nonstop action and suspense'
Publishers Weekly


  • The Atlantis Code will take you to a new level of mystery, wonder, adventure and excitement
    Deepak Chopra

About the author

Charles Brokaw

The author is a well-known figure in the literary community, with many awards and books to his credit. He's been a university professor, a teacher, a little league coach and a rodeo cowboy. He's a frequent speaker who has given lectures at such widely divergent places as the CIA, West Point, and science fiction conventions. He lives in the Midwest with his family.
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