The Guest Book

The Guest Book

The New York Times Bestseller



What happens when you learn the inconvenient truth about your family? What happens when its secrets come out?

'Powerful and provocative' Paula McLain
'Beautiful, engrossing, heart-breaking' Rachel Rhys
'Monumental in a way that few novels dare' Washington Post

The Miltons are a powerful old New York family, the kind that runs the world. And in 1935, they do. For generations, Kitty and Ogden Milton revel in their own utopia, a small island they own off the coast of Maine, but it cannot last.

Across the generations, we see the Milton myth slowly unravel. In 1959, two strangers enter their circle, forcing each member to question what their family stands for. Then by the 21st century, the money has run dry, the island is up for sale, and their granddaughter is about to uncover disturbing evidence about her family's wealth.

Epic and sweeping, The Guest Book is a family saga that explores privilege and racism in America, and how choices made in the past can be felt in the present.

'Thought-provoking and propulsive...Welcome to old money, new heartbreak and big secrets' New York Times Book Review


  • Thought-provoking and propulsive...Welcome to old money, new heartbreak and big secrets
    New York Times Book Review

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