• I adored this book, and could quote from it forever. It's real, odd, life-affirming, sharp, loving, and contains more than one reference to Arsenal FC

    The Believer
  • Last year, we had Roger Mortimer's splendidly bufferish Dear Lupin: Letters to a Wayward Son. Love, Nina - funny, quirky, vivid and touching - is every bit its equal

    Daily Mail (Book of the Week)
  • Funny, warm, life-affirming and accutely well-observed, Love, Nina is a gift that will keep on giving . . . A hoot

  • The snippets of dialogue and vingettes evoke the characters and atmosphere brilliantly . . . Funny, sharp

    Evening Standard
  • Even if Adrian Mole wrote about the Primrose Hill set, it wouldn't be as funny and absorbing as Love, Nina

  • Like a 1980s Mary Poppins with a sense of humour

  • Adrian Mole meets Mary Poppins mashed up in literary north London . . . Enormous fun