Kings of the Realm: War's Harvest (Book 1)

Kings of the Realm: War's Harvest (Book 1)


The first book in an epic fantasy tie-in series for the global release of the online strategy game Kings of the Realm.

They've sown the seeds of war, but they won't reap the harvest . . .

Chasing immortality, a group of Trinity veterans - led by the famous Giddion Warnock - open a long-forgotten tomb in the plain of Ahten, releasing an ancient and hungry evil. Vallen, Giddion's younger brother, escapes the tomb and races across the realm to warn of the world-destroying Devourers that have been unleashed. But will anyone believe him?

War's Harvest follows Vallen and the fortunes of those of he meets across the continent - from Tolka, a Celestial ambassador to Squall, an Earth Clan warrior and Seliza, a Salamander witch - as they betray allegiances, forge alliances and watch their homelands destroyed.

Exciting and fast paced, War's Harvest provides an engrossing history to the vivid world that Kings of the Ream players experience online.

*** Based on the massive multiplayer (MMO) fantasy strategy game Kings of the Realm. For the first time in gaming history, gamers can engage seamlessly on any internet device.***

*** Already a #1 on independent game watchlists, Kings of the Realm has begun to build an avid online following.***

***This book gives players a closer view of the world, with an epic adventure set immediately before online gameplay begins.***

***Contains exclusive clues and insights for players of how the gameplay operates. Key characters and objects in War's' Harvest will be available as playable items in the game.***

***Perfect for fans of George R. R. Martin's Game of Thrones, David Gemmell, Robert Jordan and MMO games such as Civilization V, World of Warcraft andWarhammer Online.***

***Future books will feature real players as part of the story, creating a fully interactive reading and playing opportunity for gamers.***

About the Author:
Oisín McGann is a full-time author and illustrator. He has written and illustrated over twenty-five books for all ages of reader, in genres ranging from science fiction to fantasy, from comedy horror to conspiracy thriller. He is married with three children, a dog and a cat. Oisín now lives somewhere in the Irish countryside, where he won't be heard shouting at his computer.

*Dont miss Kings of the Realm: Cruel Salvation, the second novel in the series , coming in 2014.*

About the author

Oisin McGann

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