• Exhilarating, magnificent, uplifting

  • This is the biggest story of our time. It's about the many ways in which the world is improving, and why we don't believe it

  • Pinker is right. Not just a bit right, but completely, utterly, incontrovertibly right ... for most people, life is better, even if they don't realise it

    Daily Mail
  • Awesome. The confidence with which Pinker tears through the issues that cause such deep anxiety today is compelling

  • A characteristically fluent, decisive and data-rich demonstration of why, given the chance to live at any point in human history, only a stone-cold idiot would choose any time other than the present

  • A new, optimistic view of the world ... Things are not as bad as your Facebook news feed makes them seem ... a cheerful, contrarian tract for dark times

    Sunday Times
  • A goldmine of startling graphs and killer facts about the way we live now. Everyone should read this book and, just for once, be enthralled by what humankind has achieved

  • Brimming with surprising data and entertaining anecdotes ... a genuinely enlightening book

    Financial Times
  • Today we are living healthier, wealthier lives - and it's thanks to the values of the Enlightenment ... a passionate book in praise of Enlightenment values

    The Times
  • A salutary reminder of the material progress modern science and commerce have delivered

    The New York Times