Quiet Days in Clichy

Henry Miller

'Here, even if I had a thousand dollar in my pocket, I know of no sight which could arouse in me the feeling of ecstasy'

Looking back to Henry Miller's bohemian life in 1930s Paris, when he was an obscure, penniless writer, Quiet Days in Clichy is a love letter to a city. As he describes nocturnal wanderings through shabby Montmartre streets, cafés and bars, sexual liaisons and volatile love affairs, Miller brilliantly evokes a period that would shape his entire life and oeuvre.

'His writing is flamboyant, torrential, chaotic, treacherous, and dangerous' Anaïs Nin

  • Penguin Classics
  • Published 4th February 2016
  • 80 Pages
  • 129mm x 198mm x 5mm
  • 82g
  • £9.99