• Exquisite. Wise and generous, subtle and superbly attentive... The food in this book eats you, imparting a depth of flavour that resurfaces stylishly when you least expect it

    The New York Times
  • A radical retake on the notion that women must starve themselves to meet society's demands... Written with total glee and rollocking sense of unlimited possibility, Lara Williams is one to watch

  • Cool and knowing, jam-packed with cultural references, not to mention mouthwatering recipes... Kicks back against the degradations and appetite-shaming strictures of a notionally feminist age

  • Like Fight Club but with food... About rebellion and power and all the desires women have suppressed for so, so long

  • A smart, zeitgeisty, genuinely affecting coming-of-age-tale... Lara Williams is very much a talent in her own right

    Daily Mail
  • Supper Club will speak to parts of you that you didn't know were yearning. A thought-provoking read that will make you hungry for more

  • For reading while eating in the bath and licking your lips... There's no other book to read this month

    Lit Hub
  • A darkly funny coming-of-age story like no other... Supper Club is the ravenous read we all need

    Read It Forward
  • [A] delicious first novel... Williams writes with warmth, wit, and wisdom, serving up distinctive characters and a delectably unusual story. Supper Club will satisfy your craving for terrific writing and leave you hungry for more from this talented writer

    Kirkus (Starred Review)
  • Extremely well done... Williams's enthusiasm for good food is attractive, and she writes with a pleasingly fluent style

    Evening Standard