The Holocaust

The Holocaust

An Unfinished History


The Holocaust is much-discussed, much-memorialised and portrayed in fiction. But there are still major parts of the history of the Holocaust that have not been understood. We have, in some ways, either forgotten, or ignored altogether, what exactly the Holocaust was and quite how devastating its effects were.

Spanning the entirety of the Holocaust and across the world, this sweeping study reveals the myths around the Holocaust that we take for granted and deepens our understanding of this terrible period of history. We are all familiar with images of trains and paperwork, but Dan Stone reveals here how this idea of 'industrial murder' is incomplete: many were killed where they lived in the most brutal of ways. He also outlines how the full suffering of the Jews has not yet been reckoned with and considers deeply the nature of the trauma the Holocaust engendered. He outlines the depth of collaboration across Europe, arguing persuasively that this means we need to stop thinking of the Holocaust as an exclusively German project. And he makes clear that the kernel to understanding Nazi thinking and action is ideology, providing a deep analysis of the origins and genocidal nature of Nazism.

Drawing on decades of research, The Holocaust: An Unfinished History upends much of what we think we know about the Holocaust. Stone draws on Nazi documents, but also on diaries written during the Holocaust, post-war testimonies and even fiction, mixing scholarship and emotion to remind us why the Holocaust demands our attention today, urging that, in our age of increasing nationalism, right-wing populism and xenophobia, understanding the true history of the Holocaust and its after-effects is one of the most important things we can do. This compelling history will change your perception of the Holocaust forever.

About the author

Dan Stone

Dan Stone is Professor of Modern History and Director of the Holocaust Research Institute at Royal Holloway, University of London. He is the author or editor of numerous articles and books, including: Histories of the Holocaust; The Liberation of the Camps: The End of the Holocaust and its Aftermath; Concentration Camps: A Very Short Introduction; Fascism, Nazism and the Holocaust: Challenging Histories; and Fate Unknown: Tracing the Missing after the Holocaust and World War II.
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