• Full of hands-on scientific learning experiences, where little ones can play, experiment, create, discover, explore, test and ultimately have a lot of fun. . . Dr Michelle Dickinson has an inspiring ability to make science accessible to all and this beautiful book easily brings science into the home where all you need is a kitchen, a recipe and a dash of curiosity

    Natural Parent magazine
  • If bad weather keeps you indoors during the school holidays, this book could help pass a few hours or a few days

  • There is so much to love about this book. It's beautifully laid out and illustrated. . . Every child will be able to see themselves in it

    The Sapling
  • Dickinson is a scientist on a mission, promoting the idea that science doesn't just happen in a classroom or laboratory but can be found everywhere and is for everyone

    New Zealand Herald
  • Who knew you could make a candle out of an almond and a banana, or release your inner Rodin using milk to build sculptures? Turns out there are a load of interesting science experiments you can do using food or other kitchen staples, and this book is packed full of them.

    Science Focus
  • Edible slime, jelly worms, 'unicorn noodles': what better way to entertain children than by making a mess in the name of science?


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