• I think at this point in time we're all in need of as much good news as we can get! Ruby can always be guaranteed to lift your spirits!

    Annie Lennox
  • In a world of relentlessly worrying news, finally a moment of good. I adored reading And Now for the Good News - truly there is hope

    Emma Freud
  • I adored interviewing Ruby: she has such a fizzing, uniquely vibrant and clever way of thinking about things. And I've wanted her on the podcast for ages because she does such important work

    Elizabeth Day
  • Easy-to-read and interesting take on (...) what's good in the world

    People Magazine
  • In her imitable style, Ruby describes her global journey to hunt out people inventing a better world (...) self-compassion is at the heart of Ruby's philosophy

    Waitrose Magazine
  • It's the antidote to all Covid angst life anxieties & proves that optimism is not an eye disease

    Kathy Lette
  • I am reading and finding on every page a delicious morsel

    Celia Imrie on Twitter
  • It is nice even to think about Good News. Thank you for the book @Rubywax!

    Neil Gaiman on Twitter
  • @Rubywax's New book is out on 17th September and it's GOOD NEWS.
    She explores the goodness out there and how to cultivate it

    Miranda Hart
  • This is a good read by my friend Ruby Wax and it's actually positive about the future, which I must say isn't something that often occurs to me about the future. Also, it's funny which I think is very important. And finally, Ruby has neither paid me, blackmailed me or threatened me to make me say this

    Jo Brand on Instagram

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