Find Your True Voice

Find Your True Voice

Stop Listening to Your Inner Critic, Heal Your Trauma and Live a Life Full of Joy


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Do you find yourself plagued by anxiety or depression? Do you struggle with your body image? Do you often feel stuck in destructive and toxic patterns and cycles?

Trained psychotherapist, Emmy Brunner, has the ultimate 11-step programme you need to identify, and overcome unresolved trauma negatively impacting your mental health and preventing you from being the happiest version of yourself. She will help you to:

· Identify and tackle your inner critical voice
· Identify your own personal trauma
· Find healthy coping strategies
· Confront and overcome fear, worry and anxiety
· Discover self-acceptance and overcome negative body image
· Manifest your future and discover your spiritual self

Using a combination of case studies, practical clinical advice from The Recover Clinic, and 11 simple recovery tools including meditation, vision boards, self-care tips, body-healing and future-self journaling, this book is guaranteed to help you take your first steps towards recovery.

Whether you're struggling with depression, anxiety, an eating disorder, or low self-esteem, Emmy Brunner is here to help you manifest your future and guide you through the process of recovery.

'Emmy Brunner has a warm and compassionate voice... I encourage those who are thwarted or confused as to who they are to read this book - it will help them find out' Julia Samuel, MBE, author of This Too Shall Pass

'Emmy's book envelopes you into her arms and guides you on a journey of self-compassion and self-reflection in an extraordinarily practical way' Katie Piper, Writer, activist and TV presenter

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  • Emmy redefines trauma in a way that allows you to accept the things that have happened to you in your life, reflect on who they've made you become & guide you on how to unravel yourself from the throws of these traumas. She gently enables you to go on and live with vibrant possibility
    Paloma Faith, Multi platinum singer & songwriter

About the author

Emmy Brunner

Emmy Brunner is a Psychotherapist (MSc, PGDip, BA Hons), Hypnotherapist and Personal Empowerment & Transformation Coach. She also founded The Recover Clinic in 2004 which is Europe's leading outpatient service and international online program, treating sufferers of trauma, eating disorders, depression, anxiety et al. Emmy has over 20 years experience in the clinical and business worlds, and has supported thousands of women to heal and become empowered to make shifts in their own lives. She has written for the Metro, Refinery29, Red, Healthline, The Independent and Stylist, and currently has over 50,000 followers across her social media channels.
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