Weekend Love Coach

Weekend Love Coach

How to Get the Love You Want in 48 Hours


'Weekend Love Coach' is written in the friendly and interactive style of 'Weekend Life Coach' and includes tips, strategies, exercises, questionnaires, relaxation techniques, with many celebrity case histories.

'Weekend Love Coach' shows you how to get smart about how relationships really work. Why do some people seem to have everything going for them; how can they be so positive and brimming with enthusiasm as well as have brilliant relationships? Did these people just get lucky in love as well as in everything else? These people are no different from you; they have no special tricks up their sleeve, they just decided that they deserved the very best that life and love could offer and they got clear about their goals and then they went for them!

'Weekend Love Coach' offers you the chance to get your love life in order once and for all! First allocate some time to spend alone relaxing with this book and focusing on you and your needs. Put yourself first, and have a 48-hour personal love-coaching session-for only £7.99!


  • "If your New Year's Resolution is to sort out your love life, this book is a great place to start. You'll learn how to become your own love coach, gain a deeper understanding of the true rules of amour and get top tips on bouncing back from heartbreak. Lynda has a refreshingly real approach and draws on case studies and statistics to prove she knows what she's talking about."
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