The Instant Dream Book

The Instant Dream Book


Tony Crisp brings a new approach to dreams in this fascinating and important book. Instead of attempting to explain the lengthy process of interpreting one's dreams, he details techniques we can use for their instant understanding and use.

Some of these techniques such as Key Words, he has developed through working with the dreams sent in by hundreds of readers of The Daily Mail and SHE magazine to which he contributes regular articles.

Through the use of these techniques one can stimulate the massive, computer-like ability of the subconscious to solve problems of work, sex and self-confidence. Dreams can also be used to assess a new job, a marriage partner, decisions, or give a health check.

Later chapters explore the relationship between dreams and little-used mental abilities, and the inner and spiritual life of human beings. Tony Crisp sees the dream as a link between drams and self and Cosmos, which he believes to be the basis for a real spiritual life for men and women.

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