Ghost Force

Ghost Force

an unputdownable action thriller that will set your pulse racing!


Let international bestseller and multi-million copy selling author Patrick Robinson take you on a fast-moving adventure: international espionage, nuclear warfare, terrifying battle scenes and heartstopping man-to-man has it all! Fans of Tom Clancy, Clive Cussler and Frederick Forsyth will not be disappointed...

'A stunner that irresistibly hurtles the reader to its exciting climax' -- Clive Cussler

'Gripping... a sure hit' -- Publishers Weekly
'Mind-blowing' -- The Daily Mirror
'Great book, great author, always edge of the seat stuff' -- ***** Reader review
'Brilliant. Compulsive reading.' -- ***** Reader review
'Hard to put down' -- ***** Reader review
'Grabbed me from the start and I was sorry when I reached the end' -- ***** Reader review



Tensions between Siberia and Moscow have been running high for a while, but the sudden disappearance of leading top-tier Siberian politicians and oil executives sparks open outrage and brings relations to boiling point.

Terrified that Siberia will deprive Russia of its most important oil source, Moscow turns to a new supplier in the South Atlantic: the Falkland Islands. In an undercover mission, they persuade Argentina to invade the islands again and strike a bargain: in return for oil rights, Moscow's hunter-killer submarine, Viper 157, will take out the British aircraft carrier arriving to recapture the islands, leaving Argentina free to claim the 'Malvinas'.

The United States are furious at this act of international piracy - and the fact that their largest oil giant owns the very same oil rights. Under the stern eye of Admiral Morgan, the navy SEALs bring in the legendary Commander Rick Hunter. Their mission: to hammer Argentina's military and free the Falklands.

For the fabled Hunter, the assignment has struck close to home. His brother-in-law and an SAS special forces team are trapped on East Falkland...

It's an international crisis, and there can only be one victor...


  • The new Frederick Forsyth

About the author

Patrick Robinson

PATRICK ROBINSON is the author of the international bestselling thrillers Nimitz Class, Kilo Class, H. M. S. Unseen, Seawolf, The Shark Mutiny, Barracuda 945, Scimitar SL-2, Hunter Killer and Ghost Force. He is also the author of several non-fiction bestsellers including True Blue (with Dan Topolski) and Born to Win. He is the co-author with Admiral Sir Sandy Woodward of One Hundred Days.
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