The Other Side Of Paradise

The Other Side Of Paradise

An epic and moving love story under the shadow of war


Fans of Katie Flynn, Rosamunde Pilcher and Dinah Jeffries will love this emotional and sweeping wartime romance set in Singapore from bestselling author Margaret Mayhew.


"Moving tale of bravery and human endurance...the sounds and smells and life of Singapore come alive in this well-told story" - 5 STARS

"This is an amazing read" - 5 STARS

"Left me craving more, loving the characters, totally absorbed in the detailed descriptions and finding myself recommending her novels over a coffee with friends" - 5 STARS

"Great read!" - 5 STARS

"Really loved this book" - 5 STARS



...until war forced her to find courage she did not know she had, and love where she least expected it.

1941: Britain is in the grip of war; life in the Far East is one of wealth and privilege.

In Singapore Susan Roper enjoys dancing, clothes and fast cars, tennis and light flirtations with visiting naval officers - her life is devoted solely to pleasure and dismisses any warnings of danger.

Singapore goes on partying, oblivious to the threat of invasion and believing the British flag will, protect them from all enemies. But when Japan invades, Susan finds herself in grave danger. She becomes an ambulance driver and is taken prisoner by the Japanese.

Gradually and reluctantly she realises that she will have to face many hardships and witness terrible events, forcing her to acknowledge the truth...But will this new world lead her to a love where she least expects it?

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Margaret Mayhew

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