The Vow on the Heron

The Vow on the Heron

(The Plantagenets: book IX): passion and peril collide in this dazzling novel set in the 1300s from the Queen of English historical fiction


Multi-million copy and international bestselling author Jean Plaidy expertly brings the rise and fall of Edward III to life in this captivating historical page-turner. Fans of Philippa Gregory will not be disappointed.

'Full-blooded, dramatic, exciting.' -- Observer
'Plaidy excels at blending history with romance and drama.' -- New York Times
'Outstanding' -- Vanity Fair
'Truly spellbinding' -- ***** Reader review
'A fascinating read' -- ***** Reader review
'I enjoyed every page!' -- ***** Reader review
'Brilliant, very hard to put down' -- ***** Reader review

Edward the Second has been barbarously murdered in Berkeley Castle on the orders of his wife, Queen Isabella, and her lover Roger de Mortimer, and fifteen-year-old Edward the Third is now king. Young Edward has already met and fallen in love with Philippa of Hainault and, to prevent him enquiring into the details of his father's death, Isabella allows the marriage to take place. A son is born who goes on to become the famous Black Prince.

While some suggest that Edward has a claim on the French throne, he is reluctant to pursue it, aware of the magnitude of such an undertaking. It is only when Robert of Artois arrives, bent on starting a war, that the king is provoked into action.

When Robert presents Edward with a dead heron and compares him tauntingly to the timid bird, Edward vows to attack France, heralding the beginning of the Hundred Years' War. Here we see Edward in his greatness, victorious in war and leading his country to prosperity, and at his very weakest, fallen from glory and crippled by his scheming mistress.


  • I absolutely loved Jean Plaidy novels and devoured as many of them as I could get my hands on as a teenager. She was far and away my favourite writer. I can still remember the utter, visceral thrill of approaching her shelf at the local library and seeing one that I hadn't read yet
    Wendy Holden

About the author

Jean Plaidy

Jean Plaidy, one of the preeminent authors of historical fiction for most of the twentieth century, is the pen name of the prolific English author Eleanor Hibbert, also know as Victoria Holt. Jean Plaidy's novels had sold more than 14 million copies worldwide by the time of her death in 1993.
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