The Assassin's Prayer

The Assassin's Prayer

Mistress of the Art of Death, Adelia Aguilar series 4


'I'd like to crown Ariana Franklin Queen of the Historical Mystery!' TESS GERRITSEN

The King of England has called upon his Mistress of the Art of Death - anatomist and doctor Adelia Aguilar - to accompany 10-year-old Princess Joanna on her thousand-mile journey to marry the King of Sicily. They must take with them the legendary sword Excalibur.

And so Adelia sets sail with the golden princess and her lavish party of nobles, musicians, servants, laundresses, grooms, luggage and treasure. But when members of the procession begin to die and it looks as though Adelia is to blame, there are dangerous accusations of witchcraft.

Meanwhile one traveller, armed with a brilliant disguise and a personal vendetta, has been watching Adelia all too closely. This secret assassin wants her dead . . . but he wants her to suffer first.

'An excellent medieval mystery, full of colour and tension' CHOICE

Readers are enthralled by The Assassin's Prayer:

'Great characters and a gripping plot packed full of historical detail' *****
'Masterly . . . A mixture of history, mystery, a poignant romance and a gripping plot' *****
'A totally engrossing medieval tale' *****


  • Franklin is one of the very best creators of medieval whodunits writing today

About the author

Ariana Franklin

Ariana Franklin was born in Devon and, like her father, became a journalist. Having invaded Wales dressed in combat uniform with the Royal Marines for one of their military exercises, accompanied the Queen on a royal visit, missed her own twenty-first birthday party because she had to cover a murder, she married, almost inevitably, another journalist. At this point she decided that staying married was a good idea so she abandoned her career in national newspapers and settled down in the country to bring up two daughters, study medieval history and write. Ariana was the author of the acclaimed, award-winning Mistress of the Art of Death series. She passed away in 2011.
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