The Baby Diaries

The Baby Diaries

Memories, Milestones and Misadventures


If there's one thing that puts us all on a level playing field it's becoming a mum for the first time, everything else - work, sleep, sanity - goes out of the window. When I was handed our first daughter, Phoebe, I was terrified. This tiny bundle seemed so small and helpless and it was down to me and Vernon to take care of her every need when between us we couldn't change a nappy.

This book is the story of my journey into motherhood. From the shock and excitement of the positive pregnancy test to trying to look 'stylish' when I couldn't even see my feet, the overwhelming emotion of having our beautiful baby and the horror to come of not sleeping properly for over three years. And then deciding to do it all over again!

I do hope that by sharing my story you will have a better idea of what to expect, pick up a few tips and gain a little reassurance that even if the journey is rocky at times (as ours was!) we all become brilliant mums...eventually.

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Tess Daly

Tess Daly has hosted the ever-popular Strictly Come Dancing for the last 18 years (and counting). A household name, she has been a model, actress and presenter since her teens. She has presented Children In Need since 2008 and worked on other successful TV shows from Singled Out to SMTV Live. She is an ambassador for WellWoman and founder of the Naia Beach swimwear line. Tess and her husband Vernon Kay are the proud parents of two daughters, Phoebe and Amber.
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