The Diary of a Social Butterfly

The Diary of a Social Butterfly


‘Jane Austen meets Bridget Jones… Hilarious’ Glamour

Meet Butterfly – loveable socialite, avid party-goer, inspired shopper and unwittingly acute observer.

Of course everyone thinks her life is perfect but having to contend with a conniving mother-in-law, a husband who doesn’t like parties, and a circle of friends who bring new meaning to the word competitive, Butterfly thinks her life is far from enviable. And as she lurches from crisis to crisis, trailing Jimmy Choos and pearls of wisdom along the way, it seems she might have a little more on her plate than she’s first realised...

Wicked, irreverent and hugely entertaining, The Diary of a Social Butterfly gives you a delicious glimpse into the parallel universe of the have-musts.


  • Light but not shallow ... Highlighting the rich-poor divide this is political as well as social satire. Funny and entertaining, Butterfly's misuse of English lifts the character off the page
    Big Issue in the North

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Moni Mohsin

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