The Football Manager's Guide to Football Management

The Football Manager's Guide to Football Management


The Football Manager Guide to Football Management is for anyone who has ever believed that they could do a better job than their club’s manager. It’s for anyone who has ever tried to prove that point by taking the hot seat in the management simulation Football Manager.

Whilst most Football Manager players feel they possess innate tactical awareness, on point man-management skills and a gift for dealing with the media; even the most hardened fan would have to admit there’s much to be learned from those who ply their trade in the real world.

If you want to make an immediate impact on your struggling hometown club, you need to refer back to Sir Bobby Robson. If you want to lay down the law with your young players, you need to take tips from Sir Alex Ferguson. Want to avoid a financial catastrophe? Then learn from Leeds United!

So if, at any point in your life, you have imagined yourself in a tracksuit, waving your arms in the air on the touchline, with your perfect XI scribbled on the back of a beer mat and thinking ahead to the press conference, then this book is for you.

After all, you’re already a football manager… you just haven’t been appointed yet.

About the author

Iain Macintosh

Iain Macintosh was the co-author of 2012's surprise Backpage Press hit 'Football Manager Stole My Life'. A football writer by trade, he's written for newspapers, magazines and websites around the world including: Sports Illustrated, ESPNFC, The Blizzard and the Irish Examiner. This will be his eighth book.
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