The Festival Book

The Festival Book



Wellies? Check. Tent? Check. Glitter? Check.

A go-to festival survival guide? We’ve got it covered.

With the answer to all of your festival questions, you will not want to leave home without this!

The Festival Book is packed full of hilarious anecdotes, a guide to the very best festivals on offer and tips and tricks to get you festival ready. And if you want to learn to play the nose-flute or attend a wedding conducted by a priestess called Glenda, well, that’s all here too.

You’ll learn which festival is for you, what to wear, how to pack like a pro and loads more! With this book in hand, you’re sure to rule the campsite.

Just don’t forget your wellies!


  • Which festival is right for you? What should you wear? What should you pack? All these, and many other festival questions, are answered in this go-to guide which includes a short history of festivals, festival tribes, festival fashion and numerous tips and tricks.
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About the author

Michael Odell

Michael Odell is a freelance journalist and author. He currently writes for The Times, doing interviews and writing on family matters. He is the author of Rock Bottom: A Music Writer's Journey Into Madness.
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