Hope on the Waterways

Hope on the Waterways


When all seems lost, they find strength in each other.

'The description and characterisation is so finely wrought that I was frequently stunned when I stopped reading to find myself on my sofa' Tracy Baines, author of The Variety Girls

January 1945, West London:
Sylvia Simpson is flourishing in her role aboard the Marigold and has quickly become an invaluable member of the crew. But as the V-I and V-2 rockets draw closer, someone from her past is about to burst into their lives. Now Sylvia must choose between keeping the promises she has made, and remaining loyal to the people she loves the most.

Polly and Verity are still waiting for their sweethearts’ safe return, and soon find they have their own battles to fight on the home front. It will take all their resolve to keep their heads above water, but as long as they stick together there will always be hope.
Milly Adams also writes the Factory Girls series as Annie Clarke. Join Fran, Sarah and Beth as they find courage and friendship working on the Home Front. Perfect for fans of Donna Douglas and Nancy Revell.


  • Full of romance, historical detail and warmth

About the author

Milly Adams

Milly Adams lives in Buckinghamshire with her husband, dog and cat. Her children live nearby. Her grandchildren are fun, and lead her astray. She insists that it is that way round.
Milly Adams is also the author of Above Us The Sky and Sisters At War.
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