Dick Barton: Special Agent

Dick Barton: Special Agent

The Complete BBC Radio Collection


All surviving episodes of Dick Barton: Special Agent, plus bonus documentary material

BBC Audio is proud to present this collection containing all surviving Dick Barton pieces: ten exciting full adventures, the 100th episode ever recorded of Dick Barton as well as a 2013 live performance of Dick Barton’s final story. This is accompanied by bonus documentaries and interviews with the stars.

Set in an exciting world of criminal masterminds and espionage, the adventures of special agent Dick Barton and his friends Jock and Snowey were essential listening for an entire generation. Originally running on the BBC Light Programme between 1946 and 1951, few of the BBC's original recordings still survive. In this stellar line-up you’ll hear Noel Johnson and Douglas Kelly as Dick Barton, with John Mann as Snowey White, and Alex McCrindle as Jock Anderson. And in a 2013 live performance Tim Bentick and Terry Molloy revisit these iconic roles.

This collection includes:
  • Dick Barton and the Secret Weapon (tracks 2-11)
  • Dick Barton and the Paris Adventure (tracks 12-31)
  • Dick Barton and the Cabatolin Diamonds (tracks 32-51)
  • Dick Barton and the Smash and Grab Raiders (tracks 52-71)
  • Dick Barton and the Tibetan Adventure (tracks 72-91)
  • Dick Barton and the Affair of the Black Panther (tracks 92-110)
  • Dick Barton and the Vulture (tracks 111-130)
  • Dick Barton and the Li-Chang Adventure (tracks 131-149)
  • Dick Barton and the Case of Conrad Ruda (tracks 150-169)
  • Dick Barton and the Firefly Adventure (tracks 170-185)
  • Dick Barton and the Smugglers: Episode Twenty – featuring 100th episode of Dick Barton ever recorded, and sadly the only surviving section of this adventure (track 186)
  • Dick Barton, Live! The Trail of the Rocket – a live performance of the final Dick Barton storyline, re-recorded in 2013 and accompanied by cast interviews and recording outtakes (tracks 187-190)
  • The Making of Dick Barton – a profile of radio's greatest hero (track 191)
NB: Updated May 2024 with Dick Barton Live and detailed track listings.

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