How to Slay the Buffy Way

How to Slay the Buffy Way

Badass Buffy Attitude and Killer Life Advice


Buffy has your back.

Empowering, inspiring and full of badass Buffy attitude, this little book is packed with the Chosen One’s awesome words of wisdom and killer advice. Whether you’re fighting vampires and saving the world, or not, life can get tough. And when it gets tough, you need to slay, the Buffy way.

So, whether you’re dealing with heartache or homework, family drama, bad bosses, anxiety over what to wear, unreliable BFFs or a full-on existential crisis, Buffy has it covered. She’ll guide you through the Hellmouth and out the other side. Because, she’s been there.

About the author

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

‘I'm the thing that monsters have nightmares about.’ Buffy Summers. Buffy Anne Summers was born in Los Angeles in 1981. She was called to be the Chosen One in 1996 at the age of fifteen when she was a student at Sunnydale High. Alongside her best friends Xander and Willow and her watcher Giles she fought demons, slayed vampires and tried to get her homework in on time. Buffy acted as guardian of the Hellmouth for seven years until it was destroyed, taking the town of Sunnydale with it, in mid-2003. Buffy is still one of the longest surviving slayers, and has returned from death not once, but twice. She now lives in San Francisco.
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