Eight Master Lessons of Nature

Eight Master Lessons of Nature


'A classic' - Sir Tim Smit, Co-founder of the Eden Project
'I saw truth, I saw beauty, I saw a better future in these pages.' - John Lewis-Stempel

For too long we have set ourselves apart from nature, seeing ourselves as superior, removed, independent. But in doing so we have lost sight of all that the natural world can teach us.

In Eight Master Lessons of Nature, Gary Ferguson reveals the wisdom of the natural world. By keenly observing and admiring wildlife and their surroundings, he shows us why sympathy is our greatest asset and crucial to our survival, that feminine rule is default in the natural world, and how even from the ashes of destruction, life is still able to thrive.

Written in rich and nourishing prose, Ferguson gently dismantles the walls we have erected between ourselves and nature, showings us the wonder of our surroundings in all their splendour. Drawing on stories from art and science, flora and fauna, philosophy and history, he carefully unravels the dazzling web of connections that binds us to earth and the rich supply of wisdom that is stored here. The result is a powerful and timely reminder of our place in this world, our interdependence, and how much nature is able to teach, heal and ultimately restore us.


  • A bold peacock of a book, bristling with life, seriously stimulating and written poetically and crisply. I think it’s a classic.
    Sir Tim Smit KBE, Executive Vice-Chairman and Co-founder of the Eden Project

About the author

Gary Ferguson

Gary Ferguson is a prize-winning essayist and author. He is the author of twenty-five books on nature and science and is a leading voice on the ecological and psychological values of nature. He has been a regular contributor to the National Geographic Lecture series and was on the faculty of the Rainer Writing Workshop MFA at Pacific Lutheran University. He lives in south Montana.
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