Punt, PI: Series 1-5

Punt, PI: Series 1-5

The BBC Radio 4 comedy series
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The BBC Radio 4 show where Steve Punt turns private investigator, examining little mysteries that perplex, amuse and beguile.
His methods may be unconventional but he gets the job done in this collection of all 17 epsiodes from series 1-5 of Punt PI.

Ranging from the bizarre to the macabre, he investigates the following tantalising cases:
Series 1:
Steve probes cases including; a couple who find 400 false legs beneath their floor, missing steam trains hidden in case of nuclear war and Britian's own Bermuda triangle.
Series 2:
Steve investigates whether Hitler really was going to set up and HQ in Balham, goes on the trail of TV detector vans and searches for the real Manchurian Candidate.
Series 3:
The PI turns his hand to investigating the cases of Argelton, a place only existing on internet maps, whether the Nazis developed flying saucer technology, a search for Queen Victoria's voice and a curse of crying boy paintings.
Series 4:
Steve delves into the mysteries of a poisoned partridge, the disappearance of a film about David LLoyd George, and the site for the epic Battle of Wattling Street.
Series 5:
Our diligent investigator is called on to look into a pensioner's secret stash of arms, the 1928 Charfield Rail crash and a 400 year-old case of a missing person.

Produced by Laurence Grissell
A BBC Studios production

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