Before I Saw You

Before I Saw You

A joyful read asking ‘can you fall in love with someone you’ve never seen?’


'A charming page-turner of a romance' Laura Jane Williams, bestselling author of Our Stop
'A heart-warming tale . . . sure to tug at your heart-strings' Woman's Own

Alice and Alife couldn't be more different.

He's charming, talkative and outgoing. She's reserved, efficient and a workaholic.

Forced together by circumstance, they can't see each other but they can talk - and as Alfie slowly brings Alice out of her shell, they start to get to know each other better.

The connection between them feels real, but can you really fall for someone you've never seen?

Readers are falling in love with Before I Saw You:

***** 'One of the must-reads of 2021! It is beautifully written with characters that have such great depth.'
***** 'An absolute joy and a love story about falling in love and allowing yourself to be loved.'
***** 'A funny, heart-wrenching and beautiful love story. Absolutely loved it.'


  • A charming page-turner of a romance with characters I cared about enormously. I inhaled it!
    Laura Jane Williams, bestselling author of Our Stop

About the author

Emily Houghton

Emily Houghton was a digital specialist, but is now a full-time creative writer. She originally comes from Essex but now lives in London. Emily is a trained yoga and spin teacher, completely obsessed with dogs and has dreamt of being an author ever since she could hold a pen.
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