Fags, Mags and Bags: Series 5-9

Fags, Mags and Bags: Series 5-9

The BBC Radio 4 Comedy Series


Five more series of the award-winning BBC radio sitcom set in a Scots-Asian corner shop near Glasgow

'As mad as ever - and very funny' Daily Mail

Ramesh Mahju and his trusty sidekick Dave Legg are back with more banter, bargains, shop-based shenanigans and over-the-counter philosophy.

In these 24 episodes, Ramesh gets in trouble with the local headmistress over his new line of sweets, has a wobble about his Meat Loaf date with new girlfriend Malcolm, ponders retiring (but who would take over his convenience store empire?) and makes a mint when the new House of Wax opens in Lenzie, and the town is besieged by tourists.

However, his surly sons Sanjay and Alok continue to reject Ramesh's worldly wisdom, preferring to make music with their new friend Grebo (aka Carnaptious Scrooch). And when the Bish spots Sanjay busking in East Kilbride, he's forced to confess that he's not been entirely truthful about his college education.

Dave, meanwhile, explores every avenue to find a partner, from internet dating to wondering whether to take his 'bromance' with best pal Lesley to the next level. When he meets Margot on a Moving Alan fan site, he's on cloud nine - but not everyone is convinced...

Plus, the Wall of Crisps is rocked by scandal, as the bag placement of a new range of Scottish political snacks is hotly debated; and love is in the air as the corner shop regulars prepare for a wedding. But will Sanjay perform at the reception with his new horrible band?

Written by and starring Sanjeev Kohli and Donald McLeary, this warm, feelgood comedy also features Mina Anwar as Malcolm, and a host of guest stars including Julie T Wallace, Sean Biggerstaff, Julia Deakin, Lewis MacLeod, Simon Greenall and Gabriel Quigley.

Production credits
Written by and starring Sanjeev Kohli and Donald McLeary
Produced by Gus Beattie for Gusman Productions
A Comedy Unit production for BBC Radio 4

Ramesh - Sanjeev Kohli
Dave - Donald McLeary
Sanjay - Omar Raza
Alok - Susheel Kumar
Malcolm - Mina Anwar
Frank Butcher - Barry Howard
Archibald Sibbald/Alan/Mr Hepworth/Lorna McKillop - Tom Urie
Mutton Jeff - Sean Scanlan
Bra Jeff - Steven McNicoll
Hilly Bewerdine/Paella Fieldings - Kate Brailsford
Jordan - Lucas Beatty/James McKean
Mrs Begg - Marjory Hogarth
Father Neil Green - Andrew O'Neill
Bishop Briggs - Michael Redmond
Mrs Birkett/Phil - Stewart Cairns
Keith Futures - Gavin Mitchell/Greg McHugh
Mrs Temple - Julie T Wallace
Lovely Sue - Julie Wilson Nimmo
Grebo - Sean Biggerstaff/Manny Sumal
Janice Littbarski - Julia Deakin
Terry Wogan/Duncan Norvelle - Lewis MacLeod
Keenan's Mum/Mrs Armstrong/Thin Elizabeth//Dolly Eggs/Cambus - Maureen Carr
Candida - Barbara Rafferty
Lesley - Simon Greenall
Fraser Linlithgow - Sean Biggerstaff
Kallum - Taryam Boyd
Songs of Praise presenter - Effie Summers
Helena - Lorraine McIntosh
Provost - Moray Hunter
Angusina Comer/Nathan Laser - Gavin Mitchell
Margot - Gabriel Quigley
Other parts played by the cast

First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 26 September-31 October 2012 (Series 5), 18 April-23 May 2016 (Series 6), 28 August-18 September 2017 (Series 7), 15 August-5 September 2018 (Series 8), 19 June-10 July 2020 (Series 9)

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  • 'As mad as ever - and very funny'
    Daily Mail

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