Are You Happy Now

Are You Happy Now

The newest novel from the author of The Last. For fans of Emily John St. Mandel, Sally Rooney and Patricia Lockwood



It all began at a wedding. A smile across the room. A moment of lust. A separation long overdue. Then a woman sat down . . . and never stood up again.

Suddenly hundreds, then thousands of people are sitting down. Is it a sickness - or are they simply giving up?

In the search for love, or happiness, or anything at all, is living a choice? Or is it just something that happens to us?


  • Extraordinary
    Emily St John Mandel on THE LAST

About the author

Hanna Jameson

Hanna Jameson wrote her first book at the age of seventeen, which was later nominated for the John Creasey Dagger Award. She's a bestselling author (Something You Are, Girl Seven, Those Crazy Freeways, The Last) and is currently working on screen projects. Hanna is a blackbelt in Taekwondo and ordained Reverend. She speaks three languages to an extremely mediocre level. No, you are not allowed to know where she lives. Do not approach. Considered armed and dangerous. Her next book, Are You Happy Now, is out in 2023.
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