Pereira Maintains

Pereira Maintains

A Testimony


'Subtle, skillful, and clear. It's so clear, in fact, that you can see a very long way down, into the heart of a flawed but valiant human being, into the sickness of a nation, into the depths of political evil. It's the most impressive novel I've read for years, and one of the very few that feels truly necessary' - Philip Pullman

In the sweltering summer of 1938, with Lisbon in the grip of Portugal's dictatorship of António Salazar, a journalist is coming to terms with the rise of fascism around him and its insidious impact on his work. Consumed by the passing of his wife and the child he never had, Pereira lives a quiet and lonely existence. One day, the young and charismatic Monteiro Rossi enters his life, changing everything. A man who once shied away from criticizing Portugal's authoritarian regime finds himself unable to stay quiet any longer, resulting in his political awakening and a devastating act of rebellion.

Tabucchi's celebrated masterpiece is an ode to courage and solidarity in the face of political oppression.

'A stunningly good novel, and it goes on getting better in one's head after one has stopped reading it - it works as an experience - something that has happened to one, which is of course the proof of great writing' Diana Athill


  • Mysterious, menacing, enthralling and mind-bending ... a masterpiece of compression
    Mohsin Hamid

About the author

Antonio Tabucchi

Antonio Tabucchi was born in Pisa, Italy in 1943. His critically acclaimed novels and short story collections include Little Misunderstandings of No Importance, Requiem: A Hallucination and Pereira Maintains, which won the Premio Campiello, Premio Viareggio and the Aristeion Prize amongst others. Tabucchi was professor at the University of Siena, and also taught at Bard College in New York, the Ecole de Hautes Etudes and the Collège de France in Paris. He died in Lisbon, his adopted home, in 2012.
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