The Perimenopause Solution

The Perimenopause Solution

Take control of your hormones before they take control of you


You are not going mad - it's your hormones!

The perimenopause (the time leading up to the menopause) is often misunderstood. For some women, it lasts a few months; for others it consumes the best part of a decade. This transitional period can be a time of emotional turmoil, shifting priorities and physical changes: from hot flushes, insomnia, low mood and anxiety, to itchy skin, thinning hair, weight gain and loss of libido . . . to name just a few! Millions of women in their thirties and forties go through this without even realising they are perimenopausal. It's time they take back control.

In The Perimenopause Solution, Dr Shahzadi Harper, a medical doctor specialising in women's health and Emma Bardwell, a registered nutritionist, provide a blueprint to help women find a new balance in this important phase of their lives, so they can be prepared, not scared. Akin to getting two expert consultations in one, this holistic and accessible guide combines practical, no-nonsense information on the physical and mental changes to expect, with powerful advice on managing symptoms and nutrition, as what you eat during the perimenopause can dramatically affect your experience of it.

Expert-led and forward-thinking in its approach, The Perimenopause Solution will not just help you survive the journey towards the menopause - it will let you thrive.


  • Every woman needs this book
    Meg Mathews

About the authors

Shahzadi Harper

Dr Shahzadi Harper is a GP and has now dedicated herself to women's hormonal well-being at The Harper Clinic in London. Dr Harper believes in managing the symptoms of the perimenopause from an early stage and is committed to optimising women's health and empowering them to make informed choices.
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Emma Bardwell

Emma Bardwell is a registered nutritionist and health writer. Her evidence-based, no-nonsense approach has made her one of the go-to names in women's health and nutrition. She combines the most up-to-date research with a 360-degree lifestyle audit to help women optimise their well-being. Emma is deeply anti-fad and doesn't care for restriction, believing in positive rather than perfect nutrition.
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