How to thrive in the new Kindness Economy


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Since the pandemic, many businesses have gone under. Others are fighting to stay afloat. But some are thriving. Why is that? Rebuild is a lift raft, a vital guide to how we reset and build back better.

Retail and brand expert Mary Portas argues that over the past thirty years the business of what we buy has been dominated by the biggest, fastest and cheapest. But those values no longer resonate. We've come to realize that more doesn't equal better.

Good business is now about putting people and planet before profit. The post-pandemic era is all about care, respect and understanding the implications of what we're doing. This 'Kindness Economy' is a new value system which means that in order to thrive businesses must understand the fundamental role they can play in the fabric of our lives. They need to rediscover their authenticity, and balance brand magnetism and commerce with social progress. We're not simply consuming anymore, we're buying into something. Which means that, whether physical or digital, the most important space that any business can now occupy is the space in peoples' hearts.

How to rebuild? Here's how. Full of expert insight and invaluable advice, Rebuild shows you how to reset the dial, reignite the passion and build back better.

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About the author

Mary Portas

Mary Portas is one of the UK's most high-profile and innovative businesswomen. After making her name transforming Harvey Nichols into a global fashion destination, Mary launched Portas, her own creative company, with the mission to transform businesses into brands, places and spaces people want in their lives. Today her team work with clients ranging from Mercedes to Sainsbury's. She has been a regular on our TV screens, advised the government on the future of high streets and developed a fashion label. Her proudest achievement to date is the creation of twenty-six Mary's Living & Giving shops for Save the Children. She is the author of Shop Girl and Work Like a Woman.
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